Solo Show Announcement

April 5, 2022

Hi hi, it’s been late to announce here but I’m having a show at 12 Degrees in Toronto until June 11. Please stop by if you’re in town. It’s all new screen printing works!

@12 Degrees, 15 Beverley Street, Toronto. Monday through Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm.

Please email me if you have any inquiries.

See you〜

Beat Tape Release

December 16, 2021

Finally, I dropped my first beat tape. 7 tracks that I made in 2021 + a demo version. They are all made on my Akai MPC1000. It’s free to use but give me a heads up if you want to use them. It would be nice to hear how people play with it. Also just no monetization with this beat tape. I made this beat tape just to have fun. Here’s the link  or you can find it from the BandCamp link on the top right corner. 

I did the cover design (of course!). The design idea came from the smoke of the incense which is the main inspiration of the title track and be digested through a Japanese traditional pattern called Tachiwaki. This also looks like an eye shape as well so I thought it would be a nice match with the word vision. I think.

Tachiwaki Pattern

Lake Effect Projects

October 27, 2021

It’s been a little bit late to announce here but Philippe Blanchard’s and my works are exhibited in a billboard exhibition called “DAY TRIPPER” at Jack Layton Ferry Terminal in Toronto. It’s one of the projects run by Lake Effect Projects, curated by Rebecca Travis to mark the 50th anniversary of Open Studio Toronto. I’m very proud to be part of it. The exhibit is up until March 2022 so take a look at it when you are near by. 

Website Renewal

June 10, 2021

So, thanks to pandemic, I could finally take time and renew my website. As you see, I kept it simple. No frills but enjoy:D

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